Our Process

Our manufacturing partners make it. We make it happen.

How we go to market

Project Success = Team Success

We see this as the overarching philosophy and process that sets in place a team structure and disciplined process with associated principles of jointly shared risk/reward that will create a virtual organization linked and aligned to your goals for the project. Distinctively from the start until well after the project is complete Brigholme understands the nature of change and will remain with you for any on-going service requirements that might come up.

Our Design Process Begins With You

Brigholme projects start at the planning table, with our team of professionals and yours. By utilizing a round table style discussion and an Integrated Delivery Process, the planning, design and implementation stages allow all team members to participate and provide input. Together, we understand your needs, the culture of your workplace and your challenges.

Group of people working together at a table
Two office chairs pushed in at a work table

Streamlining Project Implementation

Designing your new office space shouldn’t be a headache. Working seamlessly with contractors, engineers, sub trades and other stakeholders, our project management team is involved in every stage. We utilize advanced project management software to help effectively communicate daily activities, progress reports, schedule of work, and punch list items.

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) process

The Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) process starts with an inclusive dialogue with all of the stakeholders involved in the project. By actively participating in the delivery of the process, parties involved are able to better understand the needs of the customer. This unique approach identifies and eliminates waste and non-value activity, and allows for continual monitoring, thereby saving time and costs that can instead be invested into quality building assets.

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